March Newsletter


Dear Families,

Welcome to the beautiful Autumn, the mornings are slightly cooler and we look forward to admiring the Autumn colours.

Last week we continued with educator training and focused on the area of Early Years Learning Framework. We discussed ways of documenting children’s learning and reflecting on principals and practices.

We engaged in discussions about Belonging, Being and Becoming which underpins our practice. We embraced the concepts and particularly liked the idea of Being.

Being …..

Childhood is a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world.

“Being recognises the significance of the here and now in children’s lives. It is about the present and knowing themselves, building and maintaining relationships with others, engaging with life’s joys and complexities and meeting the challenges in everyday life. The early childhood years are not solely preparation for the future but also about the present “ (Eylf 7)

As ongoing quality improvement planning we are reviewing Quality area 1, which focuses on educational program and practice.

We invite parents to read over the document and add comments.

The folder is located in the foyer and there are ‘post-it’ notes and pens to use. And lovely chocolates in the staff room for parents to enjoy!!

Your feedback and suggestions help in building collaborative relationships with families.

Our visits to the oval have been a wonderful success and something we plan to implement regularly. Visiting the oval provides great opportunities for large gross motor activities, nature walks and picnics.

The children have new opportunities to engage in a range of activities and learn new skills. Soccer and sack races are certainly a favourite.

We have been looking at the amount of physical activity children should ideally have over the course of a day. The information we reflected on, is in line with the Jack and Jill policy and implementation, however many children in Australia fall well below the recommendations. The link below from the Australian government is interesting reading.


As both rooms are putting together a family tree we would appreciate a family photo so the children can place their photo on the tree. Children love sharing photos from home and having a family photo enhances a child’s sense of belonging.

Emailed photos are welcome.

Please find attached news from the Bilby and Possum rooms.


Warm regards,

Jack and Jill team,


Bilby News

This month we have been doing a project on insects and bugs.


We made a bug interest table containing plastic bugs, leaves, sand, sticks, pebbles and shells. Whilst on our excursions to the park we looked for bugs and we have been reading stories and singing bug-related songs.  During craft time we have made lots of artwork using different craft resources to create such things as ladybugs, spiders, bumblebees and caterpillars. We also created a display board with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ theme depicting parts of the story, which the children enjoy listening to often.


We also enjoyed turning the home corner into a shop- using tills, shopping baskets, empty cartons and plastic bottles.


Valentine’s Day was celebrated by making lovely pictures and cards to take home.


We also created a beach using the sand pit. Adding buckets and spades one side and a blue sheet (acting as the water) for all the sea animals to swim on the other side. We have also been very interested in playing with cars and the garage set over the last few weeks and spotting the garbage trucks and Lorries.



Liz and Gemma


Possums News

After we explored the families of our Possums, we expanded the horizon and started looking at cultural backgrounds. This has lead to our current topic “Countries and Cultures”. During this project we want to include every country our children and educators have connections too.

For every country we incorporate different aspects, including location, music, art, language, and famous landmarks or icons. The children explore the countries with a variety of senses, including taste! Every country we talk about, has a special food day …. so far we have enjoyed the pearls like “Russian Dumplings” and “French Croissants”.

We discover the countries by looking at pictures, listening to music and stories, and creating cultural typical art experiences. Of course we aim to incorporate special festivals and activities as well.

Our first country of interest was Russia. The starting point was Maksim’s show and tell, where he shared his experiences from the celebrations of the end of Russian winter with the group.

Val created a wonderful world map with the children, which we hung on our new display board. We use little flags to illustrate the location of the countries of interest.

The children discovered Russian music with Tschaikovsky, Katchaturian (we watched the sabre dance) and Prokofiev’s “Peter and the wolf”. We watched the later as a children’s ballet performance, which the children truly enjoyed. Art-wise, we looked at the works of Kandinsky and used his circle pictures as inspiration for our art activities. The children used oil crayons some children tried to copy the original closely, others played with the whole concept of colour circles in different forms.

Prompted by Maya’s interest in France, which she expressed during the colouring of the world map she pointed out that her grandmother lives there and the convenient timing of the Paris fashion show, we shifted our focus to France next.

For this country, we created a beautiful collage, this incorporated famous French icons and the France’s map. We also took a close look at Claude Monet. The children really enjoyed his art: the expression “it’s sooo beautiful!”came from many a mouth. We decided to use his dot technique in the most fun way  with using our fingertips and creating one big artwork, everybody contributed to. To create the right atmosphere for our French breakfast, we listened to French music, taken from the soundtrack to the movie “Amelie”.

Of course we used the opportunity of the Fashion Week, to have a fun dress up day, with a mini fashion show ourselves. Fenn contributed with her special show and tell of French Books and Polly brought the story “Ruby Red Shoes goes to Paris”, which we read in group time.

Over the coming weeks we will focus on the United Kingdom and Ireland. The children enthusiastically saw pictures of famous London landmarks, the Queen and her guards and of course the Crown Jewels, which did not only fascinate the girls……

The Possums showed great fine motor skills by colouring the Union Jack, and we will have many more UK and Irish themed activities planned. Some of the things we have planned are creating a cardboard double Decker bus, looking at an Irish River Dance on St Patrick’s Day and the traditional planting of sweet peas.

The whole “Countries and Culture” project will take multiple weeks, and we would like to encourage all parents to talk to the educators about your families special country / festival, to facilitate our planning process over the coming weeks. We are not working in any specific order and we would like to make each country as personal as possible, especially for the children who have a connection to that country. Personal photo’s or mementos of family trips are a wonderful thing to share with the children, so please do not hesitate to bring them in when we cover the country that they relate to.


Lilly, Shudipta, Val and Sophie

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