About Us

  • Philosophy

  • At Jack and Jill we encourage children in the joy of learning through play based learning, music, literacy and art. We support children to think independently, problem solve and respect others, their culture and background.

    We understand families to be the child’s first educator and support families in a caring, encouraging, and informative manner. A team approach is fostered where staff are respected as individuals and as valued early childhood educators. We value, respect and honour diversity and celebrate cultural differences in our families and community.

    We encourage the celebrations of life such as Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and cultural festivals that engage our families and communities. We give thanks at mealtimes with the singing of grace.

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  • Our Mission

  • Happy and nurturing and learning environments

    Happy and nurturing learning environments

  • We believe,

    Children are capable and resourceful learners who are active contributors to their own learning.

    Children need to be valued as individuals, within the context of their family and their community.

    Children develop confidence and positive self-esteem through a supportive and secure environment.

  • Playing a game at Rawson Park

    Playing a game at Rawson Park

  • Therefore we,

    Implement a child centred program based upon the principles outlined in the NSW curriculum frame work and the National

    Early Years Learning framework – EYLF – “Belonging, Being and Becoming”

    Strive to empower children, by using their thoughts and ideas to develop the program.

    Promote each child’s confidence and positive self image through a range of provisions, experiences and opportunities that build upon their understandings, skills, values and sensitivities and promote success.

    Implement an inclusive approach to positively support children’s growth of identity, self-esteem and critical thinking.

    Encourage each child to reach their full potential in accordance with their individual ability.

  • We believe,

    Trust, respect and collaboration form the basis for strong partnerships between families and educators.

    Families, children and educators form a caring community.

    Family involvement is integral to a high quality program.

  • Happy and nurturing environment that fosters friendships

    A happy and nurturing environment that fosters friendships

  • Therefore we,

    Are committed to open and constructive communication with families which include discussions, child portfolios, daily diaries, visual displays and newsletters.

    Strive to have empathy and be responsive to family needs, and provide support when required.

    Encourage families to engage in meaningful participation with the program.

    Celebrate cultural festivals with our family and community.

  • Celebrating Easter

    Celebrating Easter

  • A little history of Jack & Jill Kindergarten

  • Wendy Moyle Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman

    Wendy Moyle
    Nominated Supervisor

    Virginia Sue Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman

    Virginia Sue

    Margie Little Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman

    Margie Little
    Service Provider

    Jack and Jill Kindergarten Mona Vale was established in 1954 and has been under the continuous ownership and management of the one family since that date. Over this period its control and management has been successfully transferred from the founder Mrs. Triglone to her children Elizabeth, Margaret and Howard(Bill).

    In addition, the Directors have some close associations with the local community as Mrs. Elizabeth Triglone formerly Elizabeth Ireland, the founder of Jack and Jill Kindergarten Mona Vale was born in Kahibah Road, Mosman which is just a short distance from Alexander Avenue. She was also a long term resident of Mosman and spent all her schooling years at Queenwood.

    Jack and Jill has demonstrated an ability to work closely with government agencies. The redevelopment of the site in Alexander Avenue, which has been undertaken in conjunction with Mosman Council, has involved finding successful solutions to some complex and protracted issues.

  • Our Team

    Wendy Moyle Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman


    Nominated Supervisor – Service Manager

    I’m a third-generation family member of Jack and Jill Kindergarten (Mosman and Mona Vale) and I have had a wonderful working relationship with the company since 1993. Since working with Jack and Jill, I have had several opportunities to study further and develop professional competencies.

    I thoroughly enjoy developing warm and trusting relationships with children, families and staff and creating a sense of belonging in our community. My special interest in childcare is creating quality welcoming environments that support the inclusion of all children and families and the Jack and Jill philosophy is underpinned by a desire to value, respect and honour diversity and celebrate differences.

    I love spending time with my family and enjoy being an active part of my growing children’s lives, and when I have time I also enjoy gardening and cooking for the crew.

    Virginia Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman



    I have worked in Early Childhood Education since 1991, starting my career at a local Mosman Service working with the 0-2 years age group. My passion for this age group saw me work with them for 10 years before moving into an administrative role, where I have continued to work since.

    After having a 4-year break to start my family, I was lucky to be offered a wonderful opportunity to join the Jack and Jill team in 2012 and have been here ever since. Being a mum myself, I believe I can truly relate to parents as they begin their childcare journey.

    carolina jack n jill kindergarten mosman


    Educational Leader and Possum Teacher

    I began my journey at Jack and Jill in 2019, as a parent. Later on, after appreciating the rich concept of community and the endless learning environment that Jack and Jill offered to my children, I decided to join in and continue my teaching career at the service. 

    After 17 years teaching across primary schools and local preschools, I believe in promoting a learning environment that supports creativity, curiosity and strong relationships.

    I strongly believe in offering challenging learning opportunities with open-ended discussions, where children not only feel valued, but also encouraged to think in a reflective way about the world that surrounds them.

    Personally, children in their early years have become my biggest inspiration and I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to be part of their developing hearts and minds.

    In my free time, I enjoy music, good food, art and the outdoor lifestyle with my family.

    Ingrid educator



    I started with Jack and Jill Mosman in March 2022. After having spent 15 years caring for the elderly with dementia and raising my two teenage children (boy and girl), I am now drawn to enriching the lives of our younger generation. I’ve gained a wide perspective on the different stages of life giving me a refreshed sense of passion towards the young to provide every opportunity for them to thrive in life to their utmost. I am passionate about optimising these earlier years through a holistic lens – intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, socially and physically. Jack and Jill provides this fit and is a wonderful place to start your child’s educational journey.

    I have 10 year’s experience working at Mosman Public School as a classroom volunteer and more recently as a Teacher’s Aide in order to gain qualifications in Education Support. Prior to this, I completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) having a strong interest in health and the correlation between diet and positive physical and mental outcomes, vitally important for our growing children. I am looking forward to furthering my studies in a bachelor degree of Early Childhood Education.

    Sophie Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman


    Bilby Educator

    As an educator at Jack and Jill I feel it is paramount to provide children and families with a warm and nurturing environment, a place of safe and secure attachments.

    I have been working at Jack and Jill since commencing my studies in early childhood education in 2014, over the past years I have continued to further my education in early childhood, which has fostered a real love and passion for the sector.

    I believe in the importance of creating a safe and welcoming environment which allows children to explore and engage in meaningful learning experiences. I continue to enjoy building partnerships with children and families in the Jack and Jill Mosman kindy community.

    I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family on the weekends and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

    Stephanie Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman


    Bilby Room Educator

    I have recently embarked on my education in Early childhood, since working at Jack and Jill I have found a real passion for nurturing young children and their families.

    I find working with children very enjoyable as I love the special interactions that every day brings. I enjoy creating beautiful art experiences which children can explore and love cooking with the children daily.

    In my free time I’m passionate about keeping active and spending time with my family.

    I am very excited to further my studies in early childhood and continue my growth and development at Jack and Jill Kindergarten.

    Bree Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman


    Possum Educator 

    My name is Bree and I hold my Diploma in Children’s Services. I have been working with children for 8 years. I have spent most of my time teaching with the younger age groups, 1-2 years of age. I find immense joy working alongside children and their families, collaborating to help each child reach their fundamental developmental milestones and feel comfortable and safe within their environment. Children brighten my day and I find myself lucky to be able to play a small part in their growth. I have been so welcomed by Jack and Jill when beginning work with them, I love the close-knit group of people and atmosphere they create for children to learn and develop.

    Jenny Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman



    My name is Jenny. I have cooked at Jack and Jill Mosman for 8 years.  I enjoy my job and the happy staff I work with. I take pleasure in creating nutritious meals and giving children opportunities to try new foods.

    Outside of work, I have 4 grown up children and 5 grandchildren. I enjoy helping care for them on my days off. My husband and I love camping in our off-road camper with family and friends whenever possible.  

    I enjoy reading, cooking, water colour painting, (new to this) gardening and just loving life! Come say hello if you are passing the kitchen.

    Winnie Jack n Jill Kindergarten Mosman



    Hello my in name is Winnie, I have been working as a cook at Jack and Jill Mosman for over 7 years. I love preparing delicious, nutritious meals for the children and have a very keen interest in cooking gluten free and vegan meals as I love challenging my skills. My favourite cuisine is Asian, I find this cuisine inspires a lot of my cooking and techniques.

    At home I enjoy cooking for family and friends and gardening.

  • Curriculum and child development

  • Children can develop confidence and positive self-esteem

    Children develop confidence and positive self-esteem

    Ready for action

    Well resourced learning spaces

    A piano in each classroom

    A piano in each classroom

  • Jack and Jill provides a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate to the needs of children attending the service. The curriculum stimulates and provides for the development of each child’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual potential, including language skills and creativity.

    Jack and Jill provides a transition to school program that prepares children in readiness for school.

    The coordinator and educators design and implement the program around the individual interest of the children.

    The educators create an atmosphere and environment which is responsive to the needs of each individual child and to the group which reflects the philosophy and goals of the service.

    The program is created with a balance of indoor and outdoor experiences.

    The written programs are in accordance with regulations and are displayed in each classroom.

    The centre’s process for gathering, maintaining and using child progress records are evaluated regularly to ensure effectiveness and are shared with the child’s parents.

    Documentation includes records of development, spontaneous activities, learning stories, group and individual observations, daily reflective journal. These observations and influences help determine programming.

    A collection of each child’s progress is collected through samples of their drawings, writings, creative expressions, photographs and observations. The collection forms the child’s individual portfolio and parents are invited to look through and add communications.

  • Our Environment

    Our Environment

  • We believe that the environment naturally becomes an additional teacher.

    Our indoor classrooms are large spaces filled with natural light and provide a canvas for children’s learning.

    Artworks and creative projects are displayed in a caring and thoughtful manner as not to create visual confusion.

    Each indoor classroom has a piano which forms part of our music program.

    Our outdoor environment is a large purpose designed terraced scape. The outdoor space is inviting and engaging to the individual child. The garden is thoughtfully landscaped with a variety of citrus trees.

    As part of our commitment to sustainable environments children are invited to tend the gardens where vegetables, herbs and flowers are growing.

    Our learning environments are created to:

    Enable children to feel safe and secure

    Provide children with space to think and wonder

    Encourage the joy of learning

    Engage children’s investigation and interests

    Develop sensory dispositions

    Foster children’s social interactions

  • The garden is thoughtfully landscaped with a variety of citrus trees

    Enable children to feel safe and secure

  • Nature walk to Rawson Park

    Nature walk to Rawson Park, where children explore the park grounds, spend time running and playing games on the oval and share in morning tea.