• Tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac near Mosman Croquet Club, we promote the joy of learning, exploration and creativity in a happy and welcoming environment. Welcome to Jack and Jill in Mosman We have a spacious, terraced playground with lots of little areas for your child to have their own space
  • Welcome to Jack & Jill Kindergarten

    Jack and Jill Kindergarten acknowledges the unique and important journey of life that is uniquely early childhood. Jack and Jill is a small, quality centre, licensed for 42 children aged 18months to five.
    • A happy and nurturing environment that fosters friendships.

    • We are engaged and committed to children’s learning through active hands on investigation.

    • Dedicated and nurturing professional early childhood educators.

    • Jack and Jill Kindergarten warmly welcomes our families and we look forward to providing quality care and sharing in the happiness of your child’s early learning journey.
    • Jack and Jill is a small long day care centre providing quality care and education for children aged 18 months-5 years. We have two beautiful learning environments. Bilbies, children aged 18 months-3 years and Possums, children aged 3-5. Our staffing ratios exceed the national quality standards.
    • The Early Years Learning Framework is reflected throughout our days and its our desire to help children discover the joy of learning through active hands on investigation.
  • Testimonials

    Very Happy

    My daughter is in the Bilby class at Jack and Jill's and loves it. The staff and children have made a real effort to include her, especially as she only attends one day per week. She comes home full of beams telling me all the activities that she has been up to in the daytime and how much she loves Gemma and Liz her teachers. From a parents point of view I really appreciate the amount of feedback given on my daughter, how she is fitting in, observations on her progress and well being. I also really like reading the Bilby diary as to what the children have been doing, so that you really feel part of your child's day. Jack and Jill's has a lovely family feel to it and the children are in a safe, caring and happy environment. My daughter is very happy there.
    Bilby Parent
    Mosman NSW 2088

    We could not be happier

    Over the course of three children and three different child care providers in our local area we have gained wide experience on the varied quality and care in such institutions. I rest assured that with my last child, we have attained the perfect confluence of loving family style care, invested learning and lovely facilities. We could not be happier and neither could our small one!
    Possum Parent
    Mosman NSW 2088

    Cannot recommend highly enough

    I cannot recommend Jack and Jill highly enough. Our daughter is in her second year in the Possums room and has loved every minute of it. Every day she attends she is welcome with open arms and happy faces. She is truly loved and feels safe and nurtured by all the beautiful staff. The Possum teachers are dedicated and excited to teach the children to learn about all sorts of wonderful things, like different cultures, locations, and the environment. They also expose the children to learning through music which is such a gift. We are so happy that our daughter gets to be part of this beautiful school and community.

    Possum Parent


    Jack and Jill has been fantastic for both my girls. They have both attended 2 days a week for the 2 years before they started school. It has been wonderful seeing them grow up, learn and make friends there. The teachers have all been so caring and my girls are very fond of them. It really is a very close environment where the children are very well cared for and loved.

    Possum Parent

    My daughter absolutely loves Jack and Jill

    My daughter has been attending Jack & Jill kindergarten for 12 months and absolutely loves it, as do my husband and I. Every morning at drop off it is a pleasure to be greeted by the happy, friendly staff that will look after her all day. It is also reassurance to know that she will be looked after by the same carers each day. It is a very nurturing centre that gives extra cuddles when needed but also shows them discipline and structure during the day. I have never picked my daughter up and she has been upset just big smiles and plenty of conversation about the activities that they have done during the day. The teachers in each room listen to what you have to say and are loved by the kids. They go well and beyond the duty of care both the teachers and admin staff and I am so glad we decided to move our daughter from her previous centre they just don't compare. It will be sad for my daughter to leave and start school next year but I know that we have made some lovely long life friends and made some wonderful memories that she will cherish.

    Possum Parent

    I Feel Safe

    Jack and Jill has been my daughters second home for 3 years now. It's amazing to watch her progress, every step of the way with the support from the Jack and Jill family. I can only put lovely words of thanks to everyone involved in the education, growth and care of our child there. It is a place I feel safe knowing my child will be nurtured and looked after while we are at work.

    Possum Parent

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  • Latest News

    • moving galaxy milk - preschool experiment
      The Moving Galaxy – Preschool News
      We had a fun-filled and exciting day today. The children kicked the day off using galaxy-themed blue glittery playdough on space-themed mats. Manipulating and rolling the dough into balls made them resemble planets in our solar system. Some of the children looked at images of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the dwarf planet Pluto and mimicked their size with the dough. We also picked out our favourite of the planets.
    • harmony day 2021
      Happy Harmony Day 2021!
      We wish you and your children a very happy Harmony Day! At Jack and Jill Kindergarten, we always aim to create a welcoming and loving environment for every child and family regardless of ability, culture, nationality or religion.
    • leaf print art in kindergarten
      Leaf Print Art (March 2021)
      In March the children have been inspired by the natural environment and the changing seasons.