April Newsletter

April 23, 2015

Dear families,

We hope you had a lovely break over Easter and we warmly welcome our families back who have been away on holidays.

We also extend a warm welcome to our new friends, Alex, Annabel and Olivia in the Possum room.

Congratulations to our Miss Lilly who has her announced her engagement to her fiance Charles Knox, they plan to marry in November. We are very excited for Miss Lilly and look forward to celebrating with her.

This week the children are preparing for ANZAC day and are having discussions about what this means. On Friday we have a special visitor, Charles Knox a former solider with the Australian Army. Charles will be having a chat with the children about the ANZACS and about what soldiers do in the community.

The Children will be planting red poppy seeds in the garden and making ANZAC biscuits, along with some special craft projects.

Over the coming weeks we have a couple of events planned at the centre:

Wednesday 6th May we will be celebrating Mother’s Day with a special morning tea in the Possum room at 10am.

Thursday 7th it’s the Bilbies turn to celebrate Mother’s day with morning tea at 10am.

We welcome our Mothers, Grandmothers and special friends to come and enjoy morning tea with the children. Naturally if this is not your kindy day, please feel welcome to come along with your child and share in the celebrations.

Visitors will be invited to write a special note to slip into your child’s portfolios. Children love receiving special notes and this provides a great opportunity for children to feel valued and respected.

“When children have positive experiences they develop an understanding of themselves as significant and respected and feel a sense of belonging.”(EYLF pg 21)

If you are unable to come for morning tea please slip a note to your child’s educator and we will put the note in your child’s portfolio.

Please RSVP by Friday 1st May, 2015 via email.

On Tuesday 19th May at 7pm, Possum parents are invited to attend an information evening. The evening will focus on what’s happening in the Possum room, the importance of play based learning and our transition to school program which commences in June.
Wine and cheese will be served and we hope to see, please RSVP via email.
A gentle reminder all children need spare clothes and underpants (2pairs), please ensure all items are clearly labelled.

Please find attached the Bilby and Possum news.
Warm regards,
Jack and Jill team.

Possums Room

During the last month we have continued our Countries and Culture project, of course with a big Easter themed period in between.

We have had a theme week for the United Kingdom and Ireland, leading to St.Patricks Day celebrations. The group art project “London bus” out of cardboard was enthusiastically undertake, though the bus did not survive the playing afterwards for very long… Irish river dance was another highlight of that week. The children first watched a little dancing clip and then, with the same music danced themselves, imitating the moves – great fun for everyone! Especially Pixie, who showed great talent in this regard. Food wise, the Possums enjoyed fish and chips for this theme.

The following week, the children explored Serbia, creating a lovely natural map of the country and modelling the “Lady of Vinca”, an famous archeological find of a figurine from the 12th century. The children also enjoyed listening to the Folk music and looking at the traditional clothing. Culinary wise, we had Maksim P favourite dish Moussaka. He was extremely happy about it and eager to share it with his friends.

Afterwards we moved on to New Zealand. The Possums learned about several Maori symbols and had a try drawing them onto the NZ map. Tina had also brought in a lovely Kiwi bird, that the children adored and we also listed to traditional music. We further enjoyed a culinary highlight that week for Harmony day: Wendy made Pavlova with the children, which we all enjoyed for afternoon tea.

Easter time was a very busy period, with multiple art and craft projects, that made for wonderful decorations. Shudipta’s bunnies made out of cotton wool and baby socks , Val’s painted eggs with glitter and Lilly’s decorating eggs with food colouring and rice for texture are just some examples of this.

After the nice break we returned to our countries and started with South Africa. Mordecai brought in many items that helped exploring the country: African children’s books, CD’s, a big SA flag and for our food experience the specialities Biltong (dried meat) and Boerewors, a special sausage. We enjoyed the Biltong during our excursion as a special picnic, which was very well received. The excursion itself was very windy, but lovely with multiple parachute and circle games.

Shudipta created a beautiful African jungle display with wooden animals, which the children absolutely loved. To extend on this, our art project involved building Cape Town’s famous Table Top Mountain out of newspaper, glue and paint. This activity was taken up with special enthusiasm.

Next we will be moving on to Asian countries…

The children also learned a new song this month: Mi cuerpo hace musica 🙂 We continued exploring different musical instruments as well: our new little keyboard and the violin. The children sang along to the violin, but also had a little try to hold and play the instrument themselves.

Bilbies news

At the beginning of the month we continued with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ topic. We made a display board showing the life cycle with the egg on a leaf, caterpillar, cocoon and a butterfly.
We enjoyed listening to the story and CD and finding caterpillars in the garden.

When we finished the Caterpillar learning story we moved on to transport because lots of the Bilbies show a great interest in cars, trucks and other forms of transport. During this topic we made a large bus using chairs from the room and red painted cardboard strips. The children made bus tickets and took turns driving the bus using the steering wheel we made.

We also had a visit from the firemen who brought their fire engine to show us. We went inside and got to see what it looks like!

Lots of paintings and pictures were made too including diggers, cars and trucks.

We then celebrated Easter by making cards to send home to our families and we enjoyed going on egg hunts in and outside! We read lots of Easter-related books and talked about what we were doing with our families.
Our excursions carried on too which is a big favourite for the Bilbies. We really enjoy going for walks and seeing lots of different things!

Gemma and Liz

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Very Happy

My daughter is in the Bilby class at Jack and Jill's and loves it. The staff and children have made...
Bilby Parent
Mosman NSW 2088
Bilby Parent
Mosman NSW 2088
My daughter is in the Bilby class at Jack and Jill's and loves it. The staff and children have made a real effort to include her, especially as she only attends one day per week. She comes home full of beams telling me all the activities that she has been up to in the daytime and how much she loves Gemma and Liz her teachers. From a parents point of view I really appreciate the amount of feedback given on my daughter, how she is fitting in, observations on her progress and well being. I also really like reading the Bilby diary as to what the children have been doing, so that you really feel part of your child's day. Jack and Jill's has a lovely family feel to it and the children are in a safe, caring and happy environment. My daughter is very happy there.

We could not be happier

Over the course of three children and three different child care providers in our local area we have gained wide...
Possum Parent
Mosman NSW 2088
Possum Parent
Mosman NSW 2088
Over the course of three children and three different child care providers in our local area we have gained wide experience on the varied quality and care in such institutions. I rest assured that with my last child, we have attained the perfect confluence of loving family style care, invested learning and lovely facilities. We could not be happier and neither could our small one!

Cannot recommend highly enough

I cannot recommend Jack and Jill highly enough. Our daughter is in her second year in the Possums room and...

Possum Parent


Possum Parent

I cannot recommend Jack and Jill highly enough. Our daughter is in her second year in the Possums room and has loved every minute of it. Every day she attends she is welcome with open arms and happy faces. She is truly loved and feels safe and nurtured by all the beautiful staff. The Possum teachers are dedicated and excited to teach the children to learn about all sorts of wonderful things, like different cultures, locations, and the environment. They also expose the children to learning through music which is such a gift. We are so happy that our daughter gets to be part of this beautiful school and community.


Jack and Jill has been fantastic for both my girls. They have both attended 2 days a week for the...

Possum Parent


Possum Parent

Jack and Jill has been fantastic for both my girls. They have both attended 2 days a week for the 2 years before they started school. It has been wonderful seeing them grow up, learn and make friends there. The teachers have all been so caring and my girls are very fond of them. It really is a very close environment where the children are very well cared for and loved.

My daughter absolutely loves Jack and Jill

My daughter has been attending Jack & Jill kindergarten for 12 months and absolutely loves it, as do my husband...

Possum Parent


Possum Parent

My daughter has been attending Jack & Jill kindergarten for 12 months and absolutely loves it, as do my husband and I. Every morning at drop off it is a pleasure to be greeted by the happy, friendly staff that will look after her all day. It is also reassurance to know that she will be looked after by the same carers each day. It is a very nurturing centre that gives extra cuddles when needed but also shows them discipline and structure during the day. I have never picked my daughter up and she has been upset just big smiles and plenty of conversation about the activities that they have done during the day. The teachers in each room listen to what you have to say and are loved by the kids. They go well and beyond the duty of care both the teachers and admin staff and I am so glad we decided to move our daughter from her previous centre they just don't compare. It will be sad for my daughter to leave and start school next year but I know that we have made some lovely long life friends and made some wonderful memories that she will cherish.